Sunday, November 21, 2010

BEAUTYTIPS : Haircare for Hijabi

hello readers !!!

Whoaa, need to clean up my blog so dusty! fuh fuhh !!
So how do you guys doing ? Hope everything goes well :)
So, as for tonight, im gonna share a beauty tips with you girls, just a tiny but helpful tips 
*i hope so*

 'Rambut adalah mahkota wanita'

Everyone knows hair is the most important part for ladies. And yes, especially for those who wearing hijab! Most of us will get the unhealthy hair due to hair covered for almost everyday and many hours within a day.

And I have a problem to deal with that too!
I used to color my hair last time, and my hair became damage, dry and freezy!
But not until i found this,


This is one of the HPA (muslim halal) products, 
from Centella Asiatica Extract ( Ekstrek Daun Pegaga) 
It is non-chemical shampoo, i've been using this for almost a year
and suprisingly, i am now having a black, shining and healthy hair and im happy for that!

Plus, its for daily use. Unlike other commersial shampoos we cant use it everyday,
but for hijab ladies like us, 
owh please!! we always feel like wanna wash our hair everyday!

So, what you waiting for?
Get your HPA dealers nearby!
or you may visit,


  1. hai, found out ur blog from google :) from ur experience, is this shampoo suitable for falling hair? is it effective to thicken the hair?


  2. hello dear.

    just noticed ur comment. for thicken hair, i cant give u much info on that since me myself is having a thick hair ;) but u may go to the HPA outlet and ask the salesperson.

    about the falling hair, i wanna ask, r u having a really2 bad hairfalls ? bcoz i used to ask an expert, hairfalls is actually normal for us. hairfalls = unhealthy hair. get what i mean ? so if its a normal hairfalls, u dun have to worry. But, pls do something if its really really bad. get an expert advice :)