Friday, September 23, 2011

Gloomy Journey

It's already 12:10 AM when I'm writing this entry.

*listening to Najwa Latiff - Cinta Muka Buku*

To be frank, yes i miss blogging so much. Almost 6 months if you noticed I didn't update my blog.  And yes, within 6 months, a lot of things/craps happened. 

To be franked, i miss my good old days. I miss the moment where I don't have to think about those things that I shouldn't. I miss the moment where I don't have to bear the burden all the time.

Time passed by, people changed, things changed. Nothing is remain the same.What do you expect ? Nahhh what do I expect ? Sigh.

Well actually, I don't think so I can continue writing with my eyes half opened. So I guess, I'm off to bed now ;P Everyone, this is just a TEASER la konon-konon, after a while I didn't write. hewhew. Catch ya later. Good night.


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